June 30th

Above-Work in Progress. Opening scene of new book!

Much needed update and announcement about our 2nd book!

Hello again, It’s been a while since my last blog post, but it just means I’ve been busy working on the second book! I am thrilled to also say the name of this book came to us sooner than that of last year haha. So I’d like to introduce you to our latest creation: “Tiny Candle,” a delightful Christmas poem written by Sandra J. Ackerman and illustrated by yours truly in yet another Mom/Son collaboration.

Just like last year’s successful release, “A Wondrous Night,” our new book “Tiny Candle” holds the same holiday spirit. When I started sketching and tinkering back in early February, I knew I wanted to stick to the same formula that captivated readers before. Is it a sequel? Could be. Perhaps a prequel? Maybe. Is it a stand alone? For sure. 

“Tiny Candle” is a little shorter (haha he’s short indeed) in terms of page count, but that only means I’ve focused on making each page engaging with illustrations that truly capture the moments of the story. It’s the Christmas Story again but in a different perspective on the classic, as it unfolds through the eyes of our  anthropomorphized and lovable, Tiny Candle. 

Through Tiny Candle’s journey; albeit a journey much less traveled like that of the shepherd boy and father, you will feel his patience, hopefulness, and what his candle light brings to this Wondrous Night of the birth of Jesus.
As we delve into the story, you’ll witness Tiny Candle’s determination to shine brightly amongst the grandeur of that O Holy Night.

I can’t express enough how thrilled I am to share this new book with all of you. “Tiny Candle” is a testament to our unwavering commitment to crafting these Christmas stories that will resonate with children and adults alike.

Here’s a sneak peek of the sketch/thought process of developing Tiny Candle and one of the illustrations, though it’s still “under construction” –

Below are sketches of Tiny. Pencil, quickly done in sketchbook. Playing with the three-quarter view. Creating a face, using the wick as mouth, and the shape of the flame for head. Wax for arms. Dot eyes were added for the anthropomorphized look I was going for.

Here is a rough sketch of Tiny. I was very mindful of staying away from the Disney Lumiere Candle concept!
Opening spread for Tiny Candle. Trying to be more playful here. Under construction still!

I hope “Tiny Candle” will ignite a sense of wonder and inspire readers of all ages to embrace their unique qualities and find their own light within. Tiny Candle reminds us that even the tiniest flame has the power to illuminate and shine when called upon.

Thank you, for your continued support on our journey, as we bring this book to the world. Stay tuned for more updates, behind-the-scenes insights, and the official release date of “Tiny Candle.” 

For the month of July I will be talking more about A Wondrous Night on my social media pages. Promoting the book for Christmas in July! It’s a thing still right? So keep an eye out for that. Plus for Christmas in July, the price will be lower for the paperback version on Amazon!

A Wondrous Night amazon link

An update on Picture Day Press-

Head to http://www.picturedaypress.com to see all about our mission and to purchase our first book “A Wondrous Night.” The new home to grab the hardcover copy!

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