About T.R.A.

Hello! Todd R. Ackerman hails, proudly, from one of the most creative cities he knows… Toledo, Ohio. Home to the Mud Hens, Walleye hockey, and of course Marcos Pizza. Toledo artistically, is one of the most happening places!

He currently resides in Queens, NY where you’ll find him sketching on his commutes, meeting up with other kid lit artists, and drawing and discussing all things sequential storytelling related. You also may find him at the Society of Illustrators sketch nights. When he isn’t crafting his skills, Todd enjoys entertaining with a nice charcuterie board, enjoys sports, and spending time with his¬† wife, and family.

‚ÄčAside from what you see here, he has a wealth of abstract and digital illustrations, and is a true appreciator of ALL art mediums. Todd is constantly crafting his visual story telling skills, for a life as a professional children’s/picture/educational book illustrator. Check back often for new illos! Todd is currently seeking representation. Search #illustratorexploredinaire on Instagram for up to date illustrations!

Thank you so much for visiting.

A rare photo of two Todds…

The Tale of Two Todds

Feel free to email me directly at todda99@outlook.com or head over to “Contact Me” to leave a message.