Found it!

Found what you may ask? Well as of recent, my motivation to create! Like the title painting to this blog today, it shows this character pursuing a treasure, with a little help from a bigger ship that seems to be watching over…

Been in this Art Block for awhile now. Since before Christmas that’s for sure. I was not physically in an abyss where I like to think an art block lives, but more like where 1. fun creative ideas and 2. actual arm movement to make something, never meet. But more like watching these two from afar…inside my head. If that makes sense.

By the way thanks for stopping by, I’m Todd and I am Pursuing a life where I’d to share my vision and heart to the world of picture books. (Its the mini post it note written about 3 years ago? next to a fortune cookie message which I saved from some time in the 00’s.) I am reminded of this living on my “art mat board” on my desk. It’s a mat of inspiration and things to remember. I draw and paint on this mat to protect my desk from spills or just in case I need to cut with the x-acto knife for whatever reason.

The word Pursuing is a funny word in itself. It is the epitome of Work in Progress. So that’s where I am and have been for quite some time now. On this path of WIP.

Pretty long read so far eeeeh! Thanks for hanging about.

I do want to show my wife and I’s postcards we sent as our Christmas card for 2021 season (I can still talk about this right? It’s late January Todd!)…these were fun to do.

These postcards were inspired by “A Charlie Brown’s Christmas” my favorite Christmas song of the Vince Guaraldi Trio- “Skating.” I painted these using simple shapes and red and green colors with black ink. Then randomly swirled around a silver line on the “ice” with a sparkly silver gel pen. With each one uniquely its own.

So to veer, or even better, Skate off this WIP path- I am taking steps to better my skills and signed up for Kelly Light’s Character Design class over at the ID. That starts in Feb for 4 weeks. I have a couple picture book dummy books I have written that I want to tighten up, and it certainly starts with the characters. I will share that process here with you too! A few?

I am grateful for the ID community and Sarah and Giuseppe who run it. Worth checking out if you are also with me on this path!

I don’t have a schedule for these Blog posts at the moment but will let ya know via the Socials! Thanks for reading. Until next time!

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