Fall Y’all (oof)

September is here! Which means fall time is nearing and eventually turning a page into cooler weather, at least it will be soon here in the tri-state area. Like most, Fall is a favorite time of the year for me. I hope to carve a pumpkin this year! Being in Queens we do not have a house porch to display a sweet looking lit up carved pumpkin on. But we do have a boarded up fireplace with a large enough mantle in our apartment that could display our pumpkins. Settling for that, for now.

Anyway, happy to write that the Mom/Son self publishing project is on schedule. I am in the process of tightening up each illustration, mainly perusing for anything that jumps out at me or my wife, who by the way is a wonderful editor if I do say so myself!
I’ve found a printing company here in nyc that I will be using, which is great because I am able to head to the facility to see where our book will be “born!”
I am looking forward to this. The goal is to have a proof in hand by this time next month. 
Mom and I have chosen a name for the book.  The title is “A Wondrous Night.” We think it captures the look and feel of the journey the little shepherd boy and his father will be on. 

This is an illustration from the book.

So this will be the cover! I do like it, I had to adjust the sky a bit to not make it so dark. I think it works. I may do some more tweaking to it, and will do some print examples to see how dark this will come out. Got that suggestion from Giuseppe of the Illustration Department . com …thank you sir! I’ve linked up with a friend and coworker of my wife, who does beautiful lettering. I think he did a great job for the title and our names! He is working on the dedication paragraph soon too. 

So when the book is laid down flat, pages down, the back of book will have this image continued. Just imagine the Title in this! Have not finalized yet.

So October will be for printing! With late October and all of November getting the word out about this darling story. Can’t wait for you to see the end result! We will be doing a smaller print run for this holiday season. Most likely 400 (I think?) books in total. As for next year…will have to wait and see as to how many books we will do, or perhaps I do a kickstarter to help with the cost of printing.

Will check back in next month!


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